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Quick Start

Start using surveilr by following the quick guide below:

  • MacOS & Linux

    Install in desired path by running any of the following commands:

    Terminal window
    # install in current path
    $ curl -sL | sh
    # Install globally
    $ curl -sL | SURVEILR_HOME="$HOME/bin" sh
    # install in preferred path
    $ curl -sL | SURVEILR_HOME="/path/to/directory" sh
  • Run verification steps here.

Installation guide

Get the latest surveilr by following these steps to complete the installation:

  1. Visit our GitHub Releases page:

    • Navigate to our GitHub Releases page to download the latest version of surveilr that’s compatible with your operating system.
  2. Download the appropriate version:

    • Select and download the version that matches your operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux).
  3. Extract the executable file from the downloaded archive:

    • Windows:

      • Extract the downloaded zip file
      • Copy the executable ( ends with .exe ) file from the extracted zip folder and move to your desired path or directory
      • Open your terminal and change directory (cd) to where the extracted file was moved
    • macOS and Linux:

  4. Run verification steps here.

Alternative Installation for Linux Using Eget

  1. Before you can get anything, you have to get Eget:

    Terminal window
    $ curl | sh
  2. Now install surveilr using eget:

    Terminal window
    $ eget opsfolio/ --asset tar.gz
  3. Run verification steps here.

Verify installation

Run the following command to verify that surveilr is installed correctly:

Terminal window
$ surveilr --version # version information
$ surveilr --help # get CLI help (pay special attention to ENV var names)

Checkout more commands in the reference section

Upgrading surveilr

The following commands shows how to upgrade surveilr on your:

Terminal window
$ surveilr upgrade ## Upgrades to the latest version
$ surveilr upgrade -v 0.1.2 ## Upgrades to version 0.1.2 if present

When using the command above, you will be prompted to confirm the upgrade by typing yes. However, if you are running the upgrade in a bash script, you won’t be able to provide this confirmation interactively. To address this, we have provided the --yes or --y flag, which automatically skips the confirmation step. Here is how to use it:

Terminal window
## Upgrades to the latest version and skips confirmation
$ surveilr upgrade --yes
## Upgrades to version 0.1.2 if present and skips the confirmation
$ surveilr upgrade -v 0.1.2 --yes

Shell Completions

Terminal window
$ surveilr --completions fish | source # setup shell completions to reduce typing